which fuel line last longest?


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Which colored line last longest I don't use tygon or the auto fuel. And Does any use the 3/8 ID. That engine builders use
I don't use any colored fuel lines because it makes it much harder to see air bubbles in the fuel, I just but it in 10' lengths and replace it as soon as I detect the open end that hooks up to the card, getting stiff, it becomes another place for potential air leaks.
In 2001, I bought a spool of .25in Tygon. We got out of karting in 2003. Since then I been using the Tygon for mowers and other 4cycle small engine equip.
Just checked..........the Tygon spool hangs on a wall in the unheated wash room........it is still pliable and ready to use next Spring if needed. I have one mower that I replaced the fuel line with Tygon in 2006, and have cleaned the carb each Spring since then, and the Tygon fuel line is still good. Great stuff.