Which Hemi cam?

Bob kart

My current set-up is a Hemi Predator 212cc with 0.65 thousands milled off head. Port and polished head. It currently hasa 265 hot cam with 265 lift both intake and exhuast. 236 duration both intake and exhuast. its weak point is it's flame hardened not a welded or billit cam. Also have a port matched header and a 26mm mikuni carb. 22lbs springs. Arc flywheel and a 0.20+ billit rod piston is 0.004 thousands in the hole and 0.27 thousands gasket. Almost forgot the stock flat top piaton has 0.50 thousands valve reliefs.
I'm on the fence over three cams. The Black Mamba 275 lift and 246 duration LSA 108.
NR racing 285-211 cam with 250 duration. Works with 26lbs+ springs don't know the LSA specs? Says it works best with 11.0 to 1 or more compression.
Finally the Dyno cam Fire 265 welded 265 both intake and exhuast. Duration 245. LSA 111. They all look like a good upgrade and would like you'lls opinion or knowledge I and everybody who's looking at similar set will appreciate your opinion and knowledge. Please chime in!
Im guessing with the valve reliefs on the piston you would be fine with either. I would go with either the black mamba or the nr for the extra lift. Just watch for coil bind on those hemi heads.
You can cut the spring pockets (where he spring sits). To check with valve cover off rotate engine and when spring is fully compressed try to measure the gap between the coils. There is a video on youtube that gives a better explanation from ARC Racing