which is the best kart

Ok I have a phantom stalker from whatvibhave read its like a 91? And my son has a margay. Which is older yet. I love my stalker. But just got the option to buy a 97 legend and a 99 banshee. Which is the best kart for a 26 year old man. And for a 5 year old boy. I would like to have 1 kart for my open and 1 for my clone. And then my son have 1. Just trying to figure out my best bet. And if these karts are worth it.
You should be able to find a nemesis for close to the same price, maybe $100 difference if anything. The banshee would be a good kart for an open.
unless it 300 for both no use buying them. the ledgend is to old the banshee could be good no experience with it.