Which predator ?

HD racing

Thinking about buying a preditor to build. Should I get the hemi head or the regular clone head engine. I have the option of either one. I think the regular head would be easier for adjusting valves and changing springs. Jmo. Any thoughts would help thanks
Either will be fine. Adjusting valves is no harder to me on either. Swapping springs shouldn't be either. Out of the box, the hemi makes more power.
Pros-, bigger valves, better angle on the ports..cons-no ratio rockers, harder to find parts for them (like replacement rockers).
I have a hemi shaved .40 ported and polished with a dyno cm cam arc billet rod 22lb springs and flywheel bored carb rlv header and muffler and I can hang with guys running alky with way more motor than me. I'm impressed with it has a lot if torque.