Which Tools Do You Use?

I was wondering if some of you all with experience building Hondas / clones could help me put together a list of tools that you have found essential or just plain helpful when building and measuring. I'm looking for specific names of tools and where you have found good deals on quality tools. Especially interested in any DIY or Po Boy type stuff. Thanks for any help.
What level of "building and measuring" are we talking about? Are you looking at bore gauges and micrometers-type measuring? Blueprinting?

I could spend $100 or $1000 for you just on the basics.
I'm looking for measuring tools. Things you use for blueprinting and assembling honda/clone type motors. Also any tools that could help po-boy builders with getting clearances up to spec. What can be done for under $500?
shars tool, is a good place to get your mic's, calipers, bore gauges, etc. good quality tools at a good price. I don't know if they sell starret or sunnen products but the tools they sell would be great for the home builder or more
www.shars.com also they have a e-bay store. Nice company to deal with. make up your late X-mas wish list and give them a call!!!