Which Ultramax would you use and why?


Guys, I have 2 different Ultramaxs to choice from for next year (2013 Badmax, 2011 Excentrik), I have been running my cr250 on the Badmax, but I am looking to downsize so, not sure which I should keep and which one I should sell.... your thoughts? Any personal experience as wehy is greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Matt
I havnt riden either but I have heard people talk about them. I'd stick on the Bad Maxx, the Excentrik is fast but I believe there improved design works much better now. I've heard "ultra tight" a few times when it comes to the earlier years of that chassis. Now on the other hand I've only heard good things about Bad Maxxs, easy to work on, respond to changes, driver friendly...ect. Take what u might from this blabbing :D
I'd stick with the bad max just for the simple fact that when you convert it will be easier to put your cage on .that overslung type design doesn't give you much room for your receivers on the rear rails.
Need more info as to what kind of tracks you run if they are all high or low bite, tight or wide turns and anything else you could mention would be a help in determining which chassis to choose. When in doubt I would choose the softer chassis as it is easier to add bars and tubes to stiffen them vs trying to soften a stiff chassis.jmo
We have an 2007 Inferno and had some success with it. the first year we had it the kart was alway tight..... The second year after playing with it we got it right.
Its a kart that is excellent on any track but one that has a ton of bite........