White Maxxis


Gotta love how the racers that found them and bought them are now not allowed to run them.......

Yet during the current times and tire shortage last year you could run new blues & pinks without a word being said.

Claiming availability.........yeah BS

Just like Burris is hard to find but folks can show up with a new set not a word said.

Why can either racer show up with new? Because they did the work and put the effort in to find them.

Next time I hear "what is killing karting?" I will remember this.

Damn sure isn't prep and the amount of tires in takes in your trailer. Sell that koolaid to someone else.......
Im a dealer and was told it will be Summer before i can get anymore of the whites.
The tires outsold expectations by leaps and bounds. It was brought here in very limited quantity to see how the tire would be reacted to by the karting community, and that reaction was far greater than expected.
Difference between now and last year, some have the whites, most dont. Last year everyone had the pinks, and lots hoarded them, but still most everyone had them.
I tried some this past Saterday and the results are kind of funny. The track was already blacked and hard as a rock so it may have something to do with it. Either the whites were torched and heated too early or the air pressure was starting off too low. The maxxis els were 6 tenths faster on low airpressure over a 10 lap average . The whites were not firing off the bat but was .6 faster on lap 9 and 10. So as the run went on they got way way better. If someone finds a way to make them fire off hot they will be stupid fast. I'm guessing it's a natural rubber tire and gets better with heat? I was in a hurry to try them and didn't do a whole lot of prepping at all.