White Piranah kart chassis ?????

MaxxT Out

I am new to kart racing and bought my first kart 4 months ago or so... After looking around on the net and asking a couple people at local tracks I can say it is a White Piranah..
Is this a decent kart, it drives real well, but I haven't raced any other kart but this...
Any way to order parts like nerf bars and such or will I have to have them custom made, I cant find much info on this kart... Any info would be appreciated...
Thanks slayton32, from a few pics I have found on the 'puter I can say it is a Piranha... The Kart has some sort of thin bar linking the front of chassis to right rear of the chassis.. It isn't a round bar though, its a thin piece of metal and it looks to be adjustable in some way... Anyone else with any info on this car would be appreciated.. Again thanks for that # slayton, Peace....
Recently picked on of these up for myself. Seem like a great chassis and like the ability to change the flex in the frame simply by turning a bar. Did you ever get any info on these?