Why LTO style frames?


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I don't know if someone remembers when a bunch of guys from Canada showed at the biggest race on dirt, the Thanksgiving Thunder, on straight rail chassis, no offset. Well they had to put them on their own class just out of respect for the long trip they have made to be there, because the slowest class would lap them several times. Nowadays the offset chassis/tire combo for stock classes have been developed to a point that it is not uncommon to see the top drivers on these classes being as fast or even faster than most of the Unlimited field. Times change, old theories are not always valid nowadays. Few exceptions, like for example some of the old 100cc 2 stroke engines were faster than the current 125 TAGs, but some of the older guys are reluctant to admit than within those engines the last 100s produced were faster and more heat efficient then the previous versions, and even faster than many of the older bigger displacement 135s.