Why? No more 8.0 maxxis

Russell 99

Just was wondering why these 8.0 maxxis are getting hard to find? I have had better luck with them than the 9.0 and they had more rubber on them. Seems like once the edge on the 9.0 gone they are not as good and that doesn't take long since they have less rubber.
900s are faster. All your running on is the corner anyway. Tread dots were only helpful when cutting, not determining tire life IMO. What are you doing prep and scuff wise to the 900s vs. 800s? Where do you race?
Well running at capital city in ashland va and tge 9.0 tires free the kart up alot comming off the corner it seams like. Tryed them at brunswick speedway and had same affect. May have to lower the rt front camber? Wish they had thick 9.0 and thin or low dot.