Wife of EC Birt Died today

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Today is a sad day here at E.C. Distributing. Connie Birt, the wife EC Birt, died today. Better known as “Momma” as all the racer would call her. She was a surrogate mother to 100's of us, she was there, to help keep lap times, help change a tire or to just have a sandwich made for us between heats or when we were laid up in the hospital, helping nurse us back to health. She was someone trusted to talk to when life would overwhelm us. She was the best racing momma ever.

She leaves three of here own children, Ronnie, Tracy, and Bobby. Seven grandchildren and 5 great grand children.

If you were close to Momma and the Birt family
you can send flowers or visit

Taylor funeral Home
214 N. Main Street
Dickson Tennessee 37055
615-446-2808 or 615-446-9650

Visitation from 2:00Pm to 8:00Pm Friday November 14th
Funeral Saturday November 15 at 11:00 Am

If you would like to talk with anyone in the family , you can contact me at the shop for more information 615-446-6807
I'm sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prays go out to the family and friends. I know that she will greatly missed.
thoughts and prayers from jm racing, bonaire, ga.....may God keep her and let her continue to watch over all racers.....