Windows seven speech recognition.

alvin l nunley

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It's not very good. I'm getting by with it, with a lot of correction, still, with my eyes, and my arthritic hands, it gets me by. Problem is it makes the same mistakes repeatedly. There easy to fix but if you don't pay real close attention, and go real slow, I sometimes this seminal errors, like this one, instead of " this" it should say " miss" and instead of " seminal" it should be " simple". You have to go slow and keep a close eye on what it writes. What the hell, it's free, you get what you pay for, I hope.
I called the people at nuance, (dragon naturally speaking) and asked them how much better their program was vs. the free windows 7 version. I was told it was like the differences between the Mercedes and a Ford model T. I asked them about using the program with the spreadsheet, like excel, and was told the premium edition worked very well with it. So I ordered it. I was told I might get it by Friday. They told me they have a 30 day money back guarantee, and 90 days of free support.
I have noticed that my posts are getting longer. I have an idea that all these one line posts are made because many people can't touch type. Not all, but many.
Comments compliments criticisms and question are always welcome.
P. S. Windows 7 has no problem with that sig line. It gets it right every time.