winged vs non wing - purple plate animal


guys, I'm helping a 10 yr old kid get going, we have an older QRC with a gold plate animal on it. The dad doesn't want to buy a wing, so wondering, how much does the wing "help" the floating cage/chassis perform? could I get the effect by added 10 lbs of lead to the cage in certain areas? We are running 1/10-1/12mi ovals, couldn't image the side boards do much for down force, it's more of a weight transfer issue, right?

I know when we run a wingless race with our opens its like driving on ice. I never could imagine how much the wing really helps with traction. If you set the kart up with the right rear out all the way and left in it might be okay? I would run a wing thats why they come with them. They are not to expensive to buy. Try Shane at Advanced Racing Concepts for a price on a intermidiate wing. 940-704-0824. Good Luck.
in that class it really doesn't have much effect,you can build a plastic wing pretty cheap and if you have a brake you can do aluminum one for under 100 bucks for a box stocker.
I think he is saying the wing is $125, not made for a 125, but I could be wrong... Jake, never thought about making a plastic on, or at least the sides out of plastic, could always bend some sheetmetal for the center section. I was just curious if it made a difference, since personally I think a champ kart is faster than a sprung caged kart ( at least with a plated motor, 125 and up is a different story)
a converted kart will be much faster then a champ. if you do it right and the cage doesn't bind the chassis up in the box stock classes they should have no effect on the chassis at all. We run the same numbers on the box stocks as we did when it was just a flat kart. I go to lowes and get 1x1 angle aluminum and 1 x1/8 flat to make a frame and 2x2 to make the mounting rails and then cover it with corrigated plastic and actually it holds up better then my factory built aluminum one did. I have to take mine off and put it in the truck where the plastic one just kind of flops around I'll send you some pics and measurements if you want