Winter rebuild questions...


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So a friend of mine is telling me that I should replace the axle in my kart because it is the original one from 2007 when it was built. He says it will change the way the kart turns. Im curious if anyone has ever heard of this. Also was told that I should get new cassettes because the bearings slop around in them a little bit, mind you not much but prolly a 1/16-1/8 maybe.
Winter Rebuild

If the bearings are that loose in their housings I am surprised you were keeping a chain on the sprocket.:confused:

Before I replaced the axle I would check it out for run out. If the ends run true with the axle on V-blocks I would not throw it away.
theyre not really that loose in the cassettes but they do have a small amount of side to side play. Didnt know if that was normal or not. Also im told that the axle acts as a torsion bar in the rear and over time they wear out and need replaced. The kart is a 2007 inferno with what looks to be the stock axle that came on it.