With age get a cage. Few questions


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So me and my family have raced everything we could get our hands on our whole lives. From hot wheels to motocross if it had wheels we raced it. Now im older own a home and we have four yard karts that we run right handed on a clay 1/20th mile track in my yard. This weekend our hobby exploded into something "real". Saturday my brother an father bought a flat kart. So i went to the swap meet sunday and wound up with a nice champ kart. I wanted a champ for the cage and since i have a career and grownup stuff along with way too many injuries already i figured it would be best. Then tuesday night my best friend grabbed another flat kart. We have a nice little weekend warrior track near me that they raced the flat kart at on sunday. This week will be my first. Ive been wanting to get into oval racing for years mostly stock cars since my father used to run them but the cost was too much. Im so happy i found this sport!! The relatively cheap nature is fantastic and i must say everyone weve met have been so overwhelmingly helpful and pleasant. I had a blast working all week on my kart an swapping to a modded predator which most ppl run and is sold by the organizer of the track.

On to my main questions and sorry for the long intro.
I live in rhode island and know of the small track near me and pomfret in ct. Also some in new hampshire. If anyone knows any other new england tracks itd be great

Also, my kart came with a yellow briggs flathead with a raptor sticker on the side. I was told it was an alcohol motor and run last at the dunkin donuts center in providence. Unfortunately this series no longer comes here. I know ill get tired of the small track and will want more competition. Id really like to enter the atlantic city race in january. With the new wka rules will this motor still be legal? And or competetive? Is it feasible to rebuild myself and be competetive? Is there somewhere to find the wka rules/regs concerning engines

We are mechanically inclined and have built countless car motors so we should be ok Just unfamiliar with rules and the alcohol versions. We also have a decent background in car/kart setup and i know i can run a line so please no bashing with ahh ur a noob you cant run that yet comments

Thanks for reading looking forward to getting elbows deep into the world of karting!
Cheers, miles
I would reccomend going to watch AC before you run it. That race is no joke, some if the best in the business come and don't make the show...it's easily a 2-3000 dollar weekend to do it right.

Everything in the New England area are mostly Animal engines. Hardly any dirt tracks either, most everything is pavement champ kart.
Thanks, yea i know its no joke and ive watched the show in providence. I figure ill need a weekend away by then and why not give it a go. My kart was last run at the providence show the way i bought it and supposedly it competed fairly well. Its not a definite but well have to see, probably next year. As for new england im excited to run. I found the new england champ kart series but its all in nh. By the volume of kart stuff at the swap meet im hoping karting is picking up around here. Hopefully they bring back the seekonk speedeay series since its five minutes from my house. Im aware the flatheads are pretty much gone around me. Ill prob do the clone class to start next year. I was just wondering about AC cuz thats what the kart ran. More realistically id like to run it next year. And if the motor can be refreshed for a reasonable price and it legal to run itll be a good way to break up the winter. And figure out where i am in the karting world(im assuming a huge reality check would be in store). But heu you dont get faster without running against the fastest!
if you want the rule book you have to join wka or find some one with a used one they would part with.
find a kart shop near by if possible they will have rules .
trip to ac could be fun be prepared for a lesson.
Spend the $350-$600 and have the flathead rebuilt by a reputable builder. Chavis motorsports does good flatheads..hard to beat matts motors.
iim 52 this was my first year as a competitor my first officiated race was a pro heavy flat on dirt . i got my but nailed to a cross but finished the race .best feeling of my life, right with or parell to that redhead at 16 . dont let anyone .discourage you . go put an honest effort ( dont buy yourway in) into qualifying if you make it race and racec to win .if you just want to ride keep it for your private track . i run stock heavy flathead on a sprint . next season i want to add a buggy to the trailor but have a problem with the clown motors which are prevelant down here . jutst dont like them and not many animals except for special events. about the motor do you have a small engine dyno?? if not your money ahead to give your whole setup ( tank/ carb ,pipe enginecclutch & drive gear you think your going to run )to a builder or good kart shop for a refreshing and tune up .then youve set a base .go home measure comp dont disassemble any thing . but make a note book and check the same points after each week when you see something falling its time to refresh buy a 2 to race while your refreshing do a 2 complete set up just in case you overlook a minor detail (stock motors spray parts when they come apart at 7 grand ) . i refresh my own . but i do.backup in triicatecand ratate my motors clutches etc . my peave is seat pressure . dont buy used maint parts tfor your race stuff . good luck to you were planing on run.ing up north some next season hope to see you at a track