Wka amimal rules


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The track I plan to run at next year are running Animals under WKA rules. But they are not running box stock motors. So are there different rules for the same motor?

Also I tried to get the 2014 WKA rules in a download via Google but it ask for a credit card?

I'm a bit confused about just what they are running at this track.
Oh, I forgot to add that I'm running Sr Champ.

Thanks for any help
lo206 is a sealed lower end, briggs has their own rule set for the 206 that tracks use. animals aren't sealed lower end.
The rules are WKA blue printed animal non restricted however we are meeting this weekend and it MAY also allow AKRA blue printed. Unless you know someone with a WKA tec manual you can only purchase a manual. Year to year generally speaking the rules do not get more stringent but more lax

Thank you for the info.