WKA Controlled stock flathead vs BSP Clone

BSP 13 HP 6500, Controlled stock 14 hp 7800 . I would say the CS would have the edge because of the rpm range . JMO
We used to race in our parking lot on Fridays after lunch " if we were caught up " . 120 ft straights and two hairpins. Most were FH stocks with one HF clone . All of us were around 380-410 . 11 - 71 gearing . If the clone got in front you couldn't pass him without roughing him up . I tried a limited FH and felt faster but slowed down , tire spin and couldn't gear it low enough to turn but 8500 . Your right ,track size would have a lot to do w/ your choice . Would be close , I just like having the RPM potential of the FH if everything else was close . Go with what you know . James :)