WKA plate rule question ?


Is there anything stated about using silicone to hold the gaskets on a restrictor plate as per WKA rules ? Have to change plates for upcoming race and its way easier if the gaskets are stuck in place.
Don't wanna get the boot.......



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I alwasy found they stuck anyway once they got hot once or twice

if you use adhesive make sure it doesn't show........


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if you use adhesive make sure it doesn't show........

You got that right!

Silicone, adhesives, coatings, etc are a big no-no. For a while, guys were layering vaseline up behind the plates to "ramp" the transition area through the center of the plate. You'd be surprised what the creative development department comes up with to circumvent the rules. :)

No adhesive necessary...stick the bolts through the carb, gaskets and plate, then bolt it up to the block. It helps if you leave the lower tank mounting bolt in a thread or two.

Brian Carlson