wood burning stove ?

my dad recently passed away , and he before he passed he told me i should take his wood burning stove from his garage , to mine . my question is what are some good heat resistant paints and things are out there to get it looking good . we redid the inside a few years back with fire brick and some refractory i got off the job . so all is good in that department .

i did put a nice paint job on a old pot belly stove some years back . but it was for show only

so how many of you guys have fixed up a old wood burner and what tips & tricks you have for me

thanks M.L.
I've used some high temp engine paint. I think they also make stove paint in spray cans now. I don't remember what brand I used.
If you heat the stove up with a propane torch before painting, it will hold up better- old trick learned on headers. Never used stove paint, but VHT header paint is hard to beat.