World Formula vesus Animal


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I cant find any information regarding comparing the 2 stock engines with one another in terms of hp and torque.What would be nice is a dyno printout of each engine (on the same dyno)Someone out there must know?:confused:
Generally accepted figures are: LO206,9.2 HP, WF,12.5 out of the box,add another 1.5 when bp'd. Again these are general numbers. The Animal,bp'd on methanol will be close to the WF. Blueprinted Animal is probably the most expensive.
Your tag,"Lotus 7" caught my attention. I'm building one right now, powered by a Honda S2000 engine.
sounds good,so the world formula (with its lower rpm max) is the king off all the briggs karting engines? I thought that maybe the animal was closer in power.Its probably the best value though as you can almost buy 2 animals for the price of a wf.

Yea,built my own lotus7 way back in the day.Datsun B210 rear end,Toyota Corrola 1800 engine/transmission with twin weber sidedraft carbs and front end was custom and parts from chevette
Blueprinted WF are more expensive than an animal and the power is a lot closer than you'd think. The WF is more of a spec class like a pro gas animal.

World formulas come with more durable parts, electric start, a 7100 rpm limiter, and a spec pipe and muffler. And is more expensive stock.
I did say that a bp'd Animal is very close in power to the WF but the cost to bp an Animal is more ( rod,cam, for instance, add methanol conversion, clutch, pipe, air cleaner ), overall I think the WF "package, ala "spec class" is a smart way to race. At our club,PKRA, the WF is the biggest class with around 60 in the Phoenix area and growing daily!
WF is a great engine package, it promotes close racing! Might we see any of those World Formulas trek west to the Syd White Memorial this year, Bernie? This 4 hour enduro is calling your name, and will be loaded with National Champions in the field!
Unfortunately we have a club race here that day. Very unfortunate as Monterey is by far my favorite place on Earth! Please put Nov.1 & 2 on your calender as we have scheduled the 2nd Annual 4 Cycle Showdown for that weekend. Last year was a total success and it is a unique 2 day event ( plus Friday practice). We'll have details out very soon. Briggs WF and LO206 only.
thanks for the helpful info,I have made my decision except for the clutch.That WF clutch is a boat anchor.Any tips on a better (and lighter)clutch?
I bought a new World Formula last year and never used the clutch that came with it. /Still in the box, brand new.
Make me an offer !
If you like to build the parts and build your own WF..Buy a used gen 5 animal, change the rod to the WF billet one, use the WF 308 cam and install the WF head assy. and then purchase a blueprinted carb for it and unless you are running a spec rules package you dont need the starter you can use an electric handheld starter on it.