WTB Dover 2 Piece Filter Adapter for Clone


Would like to buy a Dover 2 piece filter adapter for a clone, are these still available? If you have one please let me know im interested in purchasing it. If there is another adapter that flows better please advise. Thanks.

They are out of stock, does anyone know where i can get one other than from Dover. I actually contacted them first before posting on here, but thanks for the advice.
Theirs still a few left..Our problem has been getting studs for them.. BUT still have them now.. JD
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Ok i will take one. I will try to call right now, as far as the studs that i will need what thread are they and how long i will make them.
Yes on the stud thats broken.. Send me a PM with your address and we will send you one asap via Postal
No ones at the shop till Jan 2nd..
Our guys have been worked to death and needed some time off... When they come back its going to be a hornets nest of rebuilds thats already inhouse..
Also they are going to different races as well over the holidays..

Place the order online and it will be shipped Monday... Wife already shipped everything today thats been ordered since Saturday from our warehouse at Home...
I'm out of state as we speak here.. JD