WTB KT100 crank halfs

On the old site there was a guy that had the older straight shaft halves for sale. If you are backnon the new sight already I would like to buy the parts from you. If anyone else may have one I would be interested in those as well.
It was me I had 2 straight pto halfs and I posted when they would go to the dump and no one contacted me before that so they are gone.

I just go a bunch of striaght shaft stuff in today send me a pm or call 507-695-2116 I'll go through the stuff this weekend and see what I got. I know I have at least 3 complete engines and all kinds of other parts for the older motors. Thanks Steve Sands Rocket Sprockets
From past experience, IMHO, you will be better off if you get a complete crank assy. some of those older ones have different pin spacing dimensions.