WTB:Used ARC Rods for Flatheads


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I have 3 stock Flathead motors that I would like to upgrade the connecting rods in each motor. I would like to use the ARC brand rod which has a bearing insert. One of my motors has a wore crank that will require a .005 oversize bearing insert. So I would like to buy 3 aftermarket billet ARC rods, 2 of them stock size and one to fit the .005 undersize crank. I'm looking to buy used but in good cond. New, these rods are around $65.00, would like to pay under $25.00 a piece. Call (269)808-8804, I use paypal. thanks
I'm not sure what the stock length on a Flat head is, but I need a stock length Flat head rod, + or - .005" either way would probably work. These motors will not be tech and is only used for personal use. thanks
how much are you planning on twisting them ? what cam will be in them ?
how much compression and what fuel will you be useing
I recently broke a rod on my circle race track, RPM is around 5500. Pretty sure it was a stock cam in a raptor motor. I'm running stock piston and compression with standard 87 octane. I'm figuring this is the weakest link, Is that correct?
I have three good rods I would sell for 25.00 a piece. all have stock bearings that are still good but you could buy over size inserts for them.
Yep, I've got them too. You'd need to purchase new bearings for them though -- you really don't want to re-use rod bearings.
Stock rod length is 3.875." -.005" or +.005 will work just fine for you application.
I've also got plenty of other used parts you might be interested in: ground cams, billet lifters, spring sets, etc.

Give us a call, email, or pm me on here if you are still needing anything.
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I have a few with one rebuild on them, they were changed out at every rebuild. if still interested drop me a pm.