Ww run a very small track. Roll out question...

You do what you need to get your stagger right, front stagger don't change If it does change any I'd leave it a little less for small tracks, If 1 1/2 " is normal and you end up with 1 1/4" for small track I'd leave it alone as long as it's scaled out with it, VERY small track you need 1 1/2 " min rear stagger I'd try for 1 5/8" again scale it out with proper stagger.

alvin l nunley

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From my Excel spreadsheet "nine sheets". The drawings from SurfCam.
Every track has an ideal stagger set up. If you change your stagger, and you go faster, then that stagger set up is closer to ideal
With this stagger set up, both wheels are turning at the optimum revolutions for the track they are following. Obviously both tires are turning the same RPM, but the inside tire is traveling a shorter distance, thus the need for stagger. This spreadsheet will calculate the difference. It's a starting point. The reason for that is, the longer the straight, the less stagger you want. You give up some corner speed to gain speed on the straight
40 foot track drawiing.jpg40 foot track.jpg.