Xpect , short track starting #'s ?

Blue plate clone. 300 lbs. Average size 13 year old. 1/10 mile flat bulling.
11's & 33's for tires.

2018 xpect. Trying to help a friend set up his son. Any help would be appreciated.


I like RPs numbers but I’d be closer to 57.5, 46.2, 64, 2-3/4 RF, 3/4 LF, 1-3/4 front, 1-1/2-3/4 rear. 9/12 caster. 4/5 air.
Haven’t been there in a couple years, but I recall using goat pee on 33’s come feature time when we were there. One of our favorite tracks, just so far away.

racing promotor

I gave a good base line based for lower bite and trying to start out with good stability since I never raced there, OP don't be afraid to try Kj numbers either, If you try his and the kart just needs more stability for the driver tweek more towards mine, If you try mine and feel kart is to stable and driver can handle the difference then tweek towards his, Remember tires gotta be right for any set up to work.

Good Luck !!