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Thinking on buying a couple of racing suits and found some made by xpert-tex through their ebay store. Couldn't find what I wanred anywhere else and they seem to have nice racing suits FIA/CIK homologated for very good prices. Any experience?
For karting unless you are running champs you are not supposed to be running fire proof suits, but anti abrassion suits. According to them tese are supposed to be FIA/CIK level 2 so if it is what they announce they are fine. I order something to try and will let everyone know.
Suit is here

I just receiced the racing suit and I am really pleased with both quality and looks. Takes a little long, basically because of the free embroidering but it is well worth waiting.


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Have another different one coming for my asphalt races. I´ll let you know when it gets here. Custom made this time.

I am also thinking of buying one, I was wondering how am I supposed to tell them my suit size?
On their page you can find measures. Measure yourself and you´ll find your size on the chart. Better big than small.
I signed on ebay as a guest for this purchase and paid by paypal, so every contact was through emails. Their email address is on ebay. If you don´t find it let me know and I´ll send it to you. You can also give them size and other details when buying from ebay on the area where you can add notes for seller. Same on paypal.
I need to post pics here of the one I bought for asphalt. I am using this orange/black for dirt. The other one is even nicer.

Nice suit, I just bought one. It is a red bull one. But it originally has a number 1 on it, but my favourite driver is Daniel Ricciardo so I asked if he could change the number 1 into 3, and he will, so that is awesome.