XR250R....or EX500....or Blast....RWYG -- Run what ya got...

Ted Hamilton

helmet painter and racer
I'm curious.... My XR250R seems like a nice kart candidate, esp. with a 280cc big bore kit. Cheap, reliable, easy to install with no water cooling. But it's probably only around mid 20's to 30's HP with mods. The EX500 is a twin cylinder bike engine, heavy, but starts at 50hp no mods... And a Blast is 30hp stock, modded to 60hp and is 500cc as well. Just curious if anyone has done anything with any of these mills?

I'm still a castor fume nut, so after I pick up a kart from Stoffa this weekend, I'll be building up a tranny-less CR250 for that ride... I know, I know, you'll believe it when you see it... Still, anything been done with the top 3 candidates?

Ted Hamilton

helmet painter and racer
Note -- I'm buying a Blast for $500 this weekend....probably to rehab for my brother for street use, but who knows... I saw someone else on here going to try a Blast motor.... Between the 2 of us, we'll have a sportster! :)


Dawg 89
Blast even at half a sporty be super heavy , flywheel weight alone would put you in the fence .
Clackers are so much more complicated then the smokers .
I had thought of using a 500 cc triumph pre unit but it would just be a curiosity and not competitive.
A waste of time and money for all 3. I looked at these years ago and and realized they all are very heavy and dont produce the power to be competitive. The Kaw 500EX is being used in some micros I think around PA.


Ted, With you're size and weight you could be competitive with the Sudam but you'll keep trying to reinvent the wheel lol Chuck.

Ted Hamilton

helmet painter and racer
Chuck -- I have a 250 2 smoker case set from Kent, and I'm rehabbing that. Just wanted to see what had been tried... And spur some conversation. It's been quiet -- must be everyone is getting ready...