XR250R....or EX500....or Blast....RWYG -- Run what ya got...

Ted Hamilton

Helmet Painter / Racer
I'm curious.... My XR250R seems like a nice kart candidate, esp. with a 280cc big bore kit. Cheap, reliable, easy to install with no water cooling. But it's probably only around mid 20's to 30's HP with mods. The EX500 is a twin cylinder bike engine, heavy, but starts at 50hp no mods... And a Blast is 30hp stock, modded to 60hp and is 500cc as well. Just curious if anyone has done anything with any of these mills?

I'm still a castor fume nut, so after I pick up a kart from Stoffa this weekend, I'll be building up a tranny-less CR250 for that ride... I know, I know, you'll believe it when you see it... Still, anything been done with the top 3 candidates?

Ted Hamilton

Helmet Painter / Racer
Note -- I'm buying a Blast for $500 this weekend....probably to rehab for my brother for street use, but who knows... I saw someone else on here going to try a Blast motor.... Between the 2 of us, we'll have a sportster! :)


Dawg 89
Blast even at half a sporty be super heavy , flywheel weight alone would put you in the fence .
Clackers are so much more complicated then the smokers .
I had thought of using a 500 cc triumph pre unit but it would just be a curiosity and not competitive.
A waste of time and money for all 3. I looked at these years ago and and realized they all are very heavy and dont produce the power to be competitive. The Kaw 500EX is being used in some micros I think around PA.


Ted, With you're size and weight you could be competitive with the Sudam but you'll keep trying to reinvent the wheel lol Chuck.

Ted Hamilton

Helmet Painter / Racer
Chuck -- I have a 250 2 smoker case set from Kent, and I'm rehabbing that. Just wanted to see what had been tried... And spur some conversation. It's been quiet -- must be everyone is getting ready...