Yamaha YF200 R1 Stainless Exhaust

Burris Racing

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Here's a sneak preview of Burris Racing's new 304 brushed stainless steel exhaust for the Yamaha YF200 R1. In addition the the use of high quality stainless steel some of the other features include a 2 piece slip fit adjustable design so the length can be altered up to 1 1/2" to suit the track or power band of your engine.
These will be available the 2nd week in November so watch here for further announcements or go to info@burrisracing.com.


http://s565.photobucket.com/user/mikeburris/slideshow/Karting/Yamaha YF200 R1 Stainless Exhaust
Nice looking piece Mike. Similar to a slip joint with multiple holes in two tabs that I made years ago for the Hondas.

The stainless is a must especially in dirt racing with all the alkaline and chemicals that get on the system. We have ran 2 weekends and other than a slight discoloration it looks great!
How's it been going in the frozen north??? lol :cool:
Good up here not that cold yet no snow but the temp has dipped below freezing a few nights. Racing season was good both myself and my daughter took the track championships and we are going to have a winter three race series Dec Jan and Feb depending on snow. That should be fun. If the weather gets ugly it will make for some pretty cool pics. Rain tires in the snow Hmmm don't see that in CA do you Mike. Say hello to your kid and I will talk to you soon as I have an interesting project to let loose on the karting community as I am sure you may be interested in distributing it once the bugs are worked out.