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I have a YZ250 with an Eric Gorr 295 kit with the wide smooth powerband porting and a rekluse auto clutch. I want to put it on a kart for 1/8th mile clay oval racing in open class. I have some questions mostly about sourcing parts and gearing I was hoping someone could help me with. I found the motor mount at QRC and it looks like they have mounts for the pipe, ignition, and 520 chain gears. I'm not sure where to find a pipe, radiator, and fuel pump for it. Can anyone give me a basic parts list on what I actually need to get this thing out of the bike and onto the kart and some places to source those parts. Ideally the pipe would perform similarly to the stock yz mx pipe as I don't want all the over rev it sounds like you can end up with on some kart specific pipes.


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Plug and play is costly .
Adapting the current pipe is best . I know some use banshe radiators or something from summit .
Fuel pump i would get a boat pulse pump (70hp 1970 evinrude 3 port pump? ), mikuni or walboro .


Get a Mikuni pump from a kart shop (out 2win)
On the second outlet loop another fuel line about Carburetor high and return it back to the tank

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Pipe, etc. all available from sharkshifter.com, most of of the winged outlaw guys use the RCE....a microsprint 270 pipe can be converted, but may be too long. I have a tim taft 250 pipe I'd consider let go of. May require minor adaptation to your flange -- not familiar with the YZ. Nothing a fabricator couldn't handle in an hour.