Taking my daughter on the Big Zobie Tour in Senoia, GA (where they film the show) tomorrow morning. Supposed to be pretty good.
Who does the tours?

It's put on by Atlanta Movie Tours. They have two tours... one in Downtown Atlanta and one around Senoia. We took the one in Senoia (Woodbury in the series). It was pretty cool. Basically a tour bus that seats about 30 takes you around to various places where they shot scenes and then show you a clip of the scene on the bus. The tour guide was a "Hero Walker" and had a lot of cool stories about shooting the series. I didn't know this but they have different levels of "walkers". The "Hero" walkers are the ones in the scenes that interact with the characters and get the best makeup. The further away from the action the less detail in the makeup. My wife and I though it was pretty cool, but my 15 year old daughter thought it was absolutely fantastic. I'd recommend it.
Man that sounds cool. I love the show. I know its fake but its really really good and will suck you in for the next episode.
I was told if you google earth the prison where they film the show, you can see the bus that the governor drove through the gate that had all the zombies in the back.