01 buller demon vs 02 phantom


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I have a 01 buller demon kart a trick formula and a 02 phantom ... My question is which kart would be best for my son to run jr3? All are great chassis but would one function better with a lightweight?
Really? No one knows Y one would be the better chassis? I figured one would flex better for a little guy vs another?
I am looking for a Buller Demon chassis , would you be interested in selling it ? What type of track are you going to be running your jr on ? banked, type of soil, sandy, clay ? Where abouts are you located in Indiana ?
I am trying to track down a Demon I sold a few years back. I have been out of karting for seven years so I am probably not much help on your original question but I am thinking anyone of the ones you mentioned would work well with the right set up. I ran my Demon in Super heavy and won a lot of races with it.

What color is the Demon you have ?
Truthfully - none of them. Sell them all and by something from within the last half decade. You will be much happier and far more money ahead.
Haha thanks! Y'all are probably right, because I'm sure this thing is ancient. There were a set of numbers (90719) that were stamped on the bracket that the shaft bolts to... But I don't think this will tell me much.