02 coyote assassin set up info


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I would not go much over 62 cross .
This may have some info.


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:) the post about excessive caster is interesting . I still am a proponent of The Tim Taylor Syndrome . More is better : a lot more must be good .


I think if memory serves me, the Assassin is a low cross Kart. Several years ago our '03 was in
the 55% X range. I really liked the Kart, still own it and have tho't of racing it again just to see.
Jim Lipori (if he's still owner) always helped with questions. Give them a call.
Based on the year If in doubt and cannot get proven numbers, throw the old 55 balanced set up in it and tweak from there, 55 % left, 55 % cross,
45 % nose ( which is same as 55 % rear ). 2.5 RF camber, .5 LF camber.


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I went to the coyote site for info and it said contact one off their dealers for setup help on it.

Here's the list of their dealers:

Good idea to have dealers is different areas give out basics and hopefully info about the area tracks too.


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Its 18 years old . None of them are close to me .
Actually Reiken's is 45 miles .
I have dealt with them .
There might be someone there that has actually raced one .
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