05 Umax jr champ. Stagger question


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Wondering if indoor races like King of Kings / Batesville require unusual staggers. Going to give indoor a shot but have zero experience with flat tracks.

JR thank you for the response. I believe you are the member that help get the UMAX seat Cradle set up as well, which is working great. Many wins with this chassis. Hate to wear you out with questions but I'll ask one more on the flat track topic. How about caster split? Increase or not just to assist getting in the turns. It is set at factory now which I believe is 10 and 8 on left. The caster is kind of a give and take as I understand it. It may get you in the turn but develop a push on exit as the split is increased. Would this be the case on flat tracks as well? Again thank you for your advice.

I dont recommend adjusting castor to fix a problem. If anything I'd raise the castor number. Thus pull back the L block 1 notch on both sides. This will help the kart turn and be more responsive when wheel input is given.
JR thanks for the info. My son will not know how to act when the kart just drives thru the corner with little to no input. I ran the kart half a year fighting it and found the ultra max set up sheet on line. This fixed the problem of cross. Person I purchased the chassis from set my son up with 54% cross. UMAX recommends 46-48. Adjusted that and got win the next weekend. I am a motor guy and in the process of learning set-up. Thank you for taking the time to answer my post and your sharing your knowledge.