2 classes? sticker and tips


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2 classes : I have a 2004 phenom and bought a 2011 charger I used the phenom for the 2013 season ( thank goes out to renegade racing engines/B&M karting) and was a great kart But now that I just bought the Charger I was thinking for using it in 2014 for adult beginner and still use the phenom for Jr.3 good idea ? Any advice

Along with charger kart came a 2013 Dover racing engine (2 races old) tuned for jr.2 and just planed on taking restrictor plate off and using it for adult beginner this reason because I did not want to spend money dynoing this engine (maybe next year). And where can I find the best price on a select seat?

Last where can I find a "charger racing chassis" sticker that goes on the chassis and a big one that goes on the nose of the kart at a online store, if not who do I call.

Thanks, will
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