2 piece wheels

Better off using 1 piece rim's, 2 piece rim's are kind of dated, and are prone to leaking air
2 piece haven't really been used for years. with the different offsets offered now there is no need for those old leakers
Back when the 2 pieces were the only thing available, I used to put a light coat of RTV on 1 half, then use a front hub for locating while the 3 nuts and bolts were installed that held them together. Then I bought a DAP kart that had cast magnesium wheels and I found that I could change 3 tires in the same time it took to do 1 2-piece wheel. Then to separate the RTV 2-pieces, I found that a skinny putty knife and a hammer worked real good to separate.
IMHO, the only good thing about them is that you can replace a bent half relatively inexpensively, but they are heavier and a lot more work.