2014 "Big O Race" ??

we may be trying to make this race in 2014 ! i know this is early , but this far of a trip for a race will take alot of pre-race/trip planing . anyone have any inside info of date and what track it will be at this year ??
Probably going to be around the second weekend in August. I'll have to get with Boomer and Jim on the Track but it will be on one that we have ran on before more than likely.
thanks for replies fellas !! i figured it was way to early for any info yet ....... i gots to start a "rat hole fund" now if we wanna make this show ;)
and it's very nice, and fast, and wide. jason owens did a fantastic job on it last year. top notch! 14.5's and limiteds were flatfoot Boogy around there!!