2014 Yamaha Rules for Speedway Park


WKA Stock Yamaha 335 lbs

WKA Stock Yamaha with Walbro wb3a on Alky 360 lbs
* Walbro wb3a alky modified as desired.

Super Stock Yamaha 375 lbs plus 2 lbs per cc over 100 cc.
* Walbro wb3a carb gas or alky modified as desired.
* no Reeds
* Stock Rod and crank

Must declare weight and tape to right front of Kart.


Hoppy. No replys might be a good thing!!! Looks like nobody has anything to grip about.

It looks like somebody did a little math to get the SS hp to weight ratio a little closer to the WKA hp to weight ratio. The way it was last year the SS was carrying 13lbs per HP while the WKA was carrying 18lbs per HP. That was the biggest problem.

The new formula is not a bad formula that could work well for Fruitland Park. I know for me running a WKA Yamaha that these rules will make it a lot easier for me to travel the 3 1/2 hrs to come and run with you guys. And I will bring a few others with me when I come up.

So this is how it lays out know,,,

WKA Yamaha @ 335, 20hp= 16.75lbs per HP

WKA on Alky @ 360, 23hp= 15.6lbs per HP

SS on Alky 100cc @ 375, 27hp= 13.8 lbs per HP

SS on Alky 110cc @ 395, 30hp= 13.1 lbs per HP

I have had a few calls asking me what I thought about the rules and particularly about the 2 lbs per cc as a posed to the 1 lb per cc in UAS. UAS does it as per the entire cc of the engine as a posed to the SS rules that only add weight to the "additional" CC's above 100cc. Max 10cc. 20lbs. I think trying to come up with a base number like UAS and doing 1 lb per cc just doesn't work with this format. 2lbs per added cc seems to work well.

So these rules will accomidate the lighter guys with WKA Yamahas. They will only need to add about 25-30lbs of lead. Then the guy with the WKA Yamaha that just can't get under the 360 mark. They can just throw an Alky carb on and be good to go. It also takes care of the guys that want to build their own motors to come in at the 375 mark. And also the guys that say they are 400lbs in their kart(???). They can build a big bore 110cc and still be at a HP to weight advantage over all the other combinations in the class.

And just to make it clear. These rules look good for some local tracks buy it is my opinion that it should be WKA on gas only at Daytona.

Hoppy. We will be racing the Pro Truck at Inverness on Feb.1 and won't be able to make it to Fruitland. But with these rules you will see me sooner than later. I will make a point of it.


Spread the word down south. We are expecting 5-7 Yamahas this weekend for the Speedway Park season opener. Glad we could find some middle ground on this.

Good luck with Inverness.