2019 NKA (National Karting Alliance) Tech Updates ...

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Effective February 1st, 2019

10.4.10: Weight/Ballast All weight added to meet minimum kart/driver weight requirements
shall be bolted and safety wired to the kart with a minimum 5/16 or 8mm through
bolt. Weight over 7 pounds will require a minimum single 3/8 bolt, or two 5/16
bolts. All bolts are to use double nuts, with threads of at least 1/4" still visible.
Drilling and using cotter pin/safety wire in addition to the double nuts is highly

20.1.1 Cameras & Camera Mounting Mounting any camera to the helmet in any way is prohibited at all
times. This includes any form of mounting to the shell of the helmet, or the
mounting of any type of video or camera system inside the helmet, such as in the

20.3.15: 0.75” Tubing Nerf Bars Flat single bar nerf bars are not permitted.

40.4.6: Mini/Weenie Exhaust System Pipe should have threaded fitting at the end of pipe to screw RLV B-91
mini silencer into it (no welding). Silencer must be tightened all the way in the
threaded portion of the header to prevent the escape of exhaust gasses. All
exhaust gasses must exit through the end of silencer. Silencer can be checked
with the clamps loose or off. Silencer cannot have any movement when checked.
Any attempt to divert the exhaust gasses around or through the threaded
connection will be grounds for disqualification.

40.4.11: Carburetor Approved Carburetor: Stock Huayi or Ruixing type carb only. There must be a factory edge, not
rounded or smoothed over, all the way around the entrance and exit to the
venturi of carburetor. Can be compared to a stock carburetor. No extra holes
drilled in carburetor anywhere. No sanding or machining of carburetor mounting

40.4.19: Cylinder Head Sanding and Machining: No sanding or machining of carburetor or
exhaust mounting surface. Valve Springs Valve Spring Retainers Minimum Weight: 4.0 grams Valve Stem Seals: Bottom of seal must be flat, must be
OEM shape. Cannot swedge seal. The valve spring cannot pick up valve
stem seal. The valve stem seal cannot stick inside of the valve spring. If
oil is causing the seal to stick, wipe off oil and re-check. Valve spring
must sit on bottom of seal.

40.4.26: Camshaft Intake lift at retainer .238” max. Exhaust lift at retainer is .242” max.

EFFECTIVE MARCH 1st, 2019: Valve spring and/or valve spring retainer CANNOT be turned to check running lift.

40.4.36: Restrictor Plates Modification to the restrictor plate is prohibited. The anodizing shall
not be removed around the holes in the plate. The plate must be flat. Holes must
be as produced, with no rounding of the edges. If a restrictor plate is used, there
must be a gasket on both sides of the restrictor plate.

Jim Stone
NKA Certified Tech Inspector
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