2021 AKRA Rules update



Notes on the 21 AKRA rules​

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As the year of 2020 raced on I kept notes on all the issues that popped up across the country. The changes in the 2021 rule book reflect many of those notes. I will summarize some of them for you.
Compared to known stock part is now back in the book. If there is no language identifying specs on a part it is to be compared to a known stock part.
This was brought on by heads that were showing up with the entrance to the “D” shape of the port altered. Thus the new rule “ D shape of port must retain the definable edge. Compared to know stock part”.
All heads that have been altered have until April 1st 2021 to comply.
The exhaust retainer lash cap was also being altered in a fashion that was getting the attention of the field techs. There is now a spec on the cap. “Minimum circumference of .330. No machining to achieve minimum circumference. Minimum height .150. Machining to achieve minimum height allowed.
No weight allowed in driver uniform
One way radios by track only
Checking lift at the retainer with the old system permitted or the new tool by X Caliber permitted. Racer may request either be used to recheck if necessary.
The X Caliber tool will be the only tool to use in 2022.
When using the new tool without a degree wheel top dead center to be found as close as possible by using a type of tool through the spark plug hole before setting dial indicator to “O”
No sharp edges to be exposed on kart that may cause injury
The use of the Walker air filter allowed but must run flat side down towards tire or towards rear of kart. Not to be used as a ram air.
Tiny washers may be used on top of valve guide on exhaust side only. If washers are used under the oil seal the seal must sit flat in its entirety either on the floor of the head or any shims being used for the purpose of reaching the .815.

Throughout the year I get questions about the rules that are printed in the book. I am constantly encouraging everyone to purchase the book for a measly $10 plus shipping. There is so much information in the book about all aspects of karting. If you are a true karter you need the book. There has NEVER been a question ask of me that isn’t in the book. Everything from chassis dimensions, body works, junior /senior driver information rules for every engine raced. No rules for predator yet. Do yourself a favor and get the book. You won’t be sorry