212 predator in man co go kart


Im fixing up my gramps go kart and well my clutch is flush with the shaft but its like a 8th of a inch off and idk how to fix that cause the motor is slid as far over as possible. I was thinking let the clutch hang off just a little but idk if thats good on the shaft



Dawg 89
Shim the clutch out with a washer or washers . Sand them down if needed .
Then fix up a washer or washers too fit inside the nose of the clutch so when you put the holding bolt and washer on it doesn't jam everything up . You want a near perfect fit .
Alternatively if the clutch has a locking allen . You could use that . Still need to compensate for the amount the clutch sticks over the shaft .
3rd option widen the slots in the mounting plate .


Thank you! Thats what i was thinking but idk if the extra weight would somehow throw the balance off or something so i just wanted to make sure