305 Intek Engine & Parts

All parts are new but flywheel and clutch. No machine work done on engine parts.
ARC Billet Rod 3.9375, ARC Coil Bracket, ARC Flywheel Hub, Billet cam by Otis Merritt.
Used ARC 5hp billet flywheel, used Titan Premier Industries clutch with 18 tooth bell,
new 19 tooth bell. Addational pictures below. $ 500.00 Call 704 637 7458.


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Is that a bearing block? I really only need block crank and side cover I have a billet raised deck with roller rockers,pc 275 cam arc flywheel head has matched 380 carb 4 disc bully sneaks header titanium push rods arc billet rod with Aries piston
It has a ball bearing on PTO side but no ball bearing on the flywheel side. I will check
to see if i can put a DU bearing on flywheel side.
Magneto side bearing number is 698340.I have main bearing tool kit but
not sure if counterbore reamer I have is correct for this bearing.I will order
this bearing and do some measuring.
698340 is the right bearing for this block, B&S does not make a shell reamer
so you can put this bearing in the older blocks. The replacement block number
is 794849 for under $300.00. Call me at 704 637 7458 if you want me to find a reamer
to fix your block.