3hp onto a kart?


Anyone have any experience with the smaller 79cc onto a kart?

My little girl wants to be like her big brother and have a kart. I thought the little motor might be a good fit for her to putt-putt with.
If it ends up being a bunch of work, I suppose I’ll just put a regular 212 on there turned wayyyyyy down.


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The 79 and 212 have different bolt patters so a kart mount won't necessarily work unless there's one out there for that motor.
If going with a universal plate style then you can make whatever holes you need.
Gear low on the driver and high in the rear to keep the speed down. Or put a bolt on the back side of the gas pedal somewhere that you can screw in-out to allow more throttle if later needed.
Keep the governor.

Sprint karts use the bolt stops and you could simply just buy a pedal and it has the bolt already built in...might have to reverse the bolt depending on which way it's intended to stop travel.

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Started my grandson on one. They come with a plate to adapt to a 212 mount. Have to make the top plate/ throttle linkage. A 212 with a restrictor plate would have been easier.


Those 79's don't putt putt around as slow as you think . I have a class I call the Dirt Squirts for ages 4 to 7 , and they are some of my best racers ..