6, 12 and 24 Hour Races with Endurance Karting

Get your team of about 2 to 6 drivers together and get on the grid for the Endurance Karting races at a variety of tracks.
Options to enter include:
a) Your kart, our LO206 Engine, tires, fuel, transponder & pit passes for 12 & 24 hour races. Your engine for 6s.
b) Our Kart, our LO206 Engine, tires, transponder & pit passes.
c) Our Honda Karts with mechanic.
Add a mechanic/tuner to option a or b if you need it.
Checkout the details at procup.motorsportreg.com and then hit me up with any questions below, on Messenger or through the chat at EnduranceKarting.com
-Chris McCoy
1-866 RACE NOW