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I run a class that the min weight is 300 and I am 345. I want to add weight to run light and medium but I don’t want to mess up the handling of my kart. I realize it will mess with it a little bit by adding weight but where is the best place to add weight on my kart to not effect handling and performance of the kart as much?
If it helps any my Nose is 45.5%, left is 54.5%, cross is 53%. Yes I realize my cross is low but this is what this old chassis likes, we have messed with cross and how old this chassis is it likes low cross.


In my area , Lights are 325 , mediums are 350 , even blue and purple plates are 320 . Your area must have an Ultra Light class , lol
Keeping it low as possible helps with it not being more top heavy . Some , not all karts have tabs welded to the frame just to add weight . I like adding 40% at least of the total amount needed to make weight to my nose . My kart seems to like it better . But I don't need to add but 8 lbs to make weight for 420# Sumo around my area .
Agree with under the thighs under the front of the seat - that's 10# right there. Then one on each side of the seat low and forward and you've now added 20#.
I try to avoid bolting any lead to the frame if at all possible. Bolt it all on the seat to best simulate the driver's weight in the seat (supported by the seat struts.)
Also, use the weight positioning to your benefit to help with any chassis handling issues.
(push under throttle - move weight forward on the seat)
(not enough sidebite - move weight from left to right)

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45.5 nose seems a bit low for an older chassis, especially on a low grip surface like Twister. Any particular formula that led you to this number?
We just did a baseline off of a chassis my uncle ran along time ago so he had the numbers in his phone snd we put them on this chassis and it liked it, I am on a VERY VERY GOOD tire program now and grip does not seem to be an issue for me at all. I don’t know much about scaling a kart but with how good my tires hook I don’t have any issues with the way it handles. I am new to kart racing but I thought twister was a grippy track. I have never been to any other tracks but I have nothing to base twister off of but I thought it was a really grippy track. If twister is considered low grip I would like to race at a high grip track and see what it’s like sometime.