alky (methanol) questions


building a new motor to run on alky, first concern is oil, is fhs 62r oil good for alky engines?, second will a auto lite AR3910X spark plug get the job done? third is ~32*timing enough for alky? or should i go to 34*,
Can't say anything about the oil as I have never heard of it but yes yes and yes on the last three
I'm with Don on the oil I don't know it... we run Predator heavy oil, but the timing is about right we run 33 degrees,the 3910X plug works great for us. jmo
FHS 62R is my favorite mod oil. Lots of advance needs lots of methanol. Fat bottom end and lean top end carb. Tilly?
FHS 62r is the best oil I've found, you will like the autolite 3935 much better than 3910x, it's a good hot plug remember your running alcohol so I wouldn't use a plug that you would run in a gas burner jmho.
im getting the fhs oil from tim isky when i order my cam, its only $10 for a quart, and how much would i gap a autolite 3935? i like gapless so i dont have to mess around with gap, i put a 3910 in my gas burner and it came to life, is their any "better" gapless plugs, (just a preference)
i have a couple of autolite 3934s and a 3932 are them just colder plugs of the 3935? would they preform good?
Yes just try one and see. The higher the number the hotter the plug for autolite's, a 3934 " racing" plug will be real close to a 3935. Run it one or two laps hard then shut it off immediately and read it. If you don't know how to read a alcohol plug try this website out "drag" and go to racing spark plug cross reference chart you shout find a link on the page that tells how to read an alcohol plug.