Aluminum fuel tanks?

Has anyone ever had a problem with internal corrosion in an Alum. fuel tank? I know it has happened in a racing boat but in a kart application using a 2 stroke engine with oil in the fuel doesn't seem to bother the same way that straight alky. does?
I built kart aluminum tanks for many years and never heard of anyone having a problem like that. Fact is, I built those thanks in the 70s and 80s and I still see them being used today in pictures I see here.
Jack, just my thought on it...... with 2 cycle alky mix I would think the problem would be less of an issue because the alky evaporates before the oil, thus leaving oil residue to prevent the corrosion vs. alky eating into the aluminum without oil's prevention. I could be totally wrong but tht's about the only thing that would make sense to this muddled mind of mine. :)
We build our own seat back tanks for our vintage rears, run methanol mix with the McCullochs. No problems like that. My dad has run aluminum tanks since the mid 60s