Ashway speedway gearing


New to the predator 375 class, just curious if anyone has ran ashway and could give me a ballpark estimation on gearing. Thanks in advance.

alvin l nunley

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Okay 16/65 = 4.06
15/61 = 4.07
14/57 = 4.07
13/53 = 4.08
12/49 - 4.08
11/45 = 4.08
10/41 = 4.09
I know that sounds ridiculous, but there is a growing trend suggesting that small gears make more speed. Don't know if it's true, but there's some talk. No harm in looking at the possibilities.

alvin l nunley

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When you say quarter-mile, think of a football field. Most high school football fields have a running track around them that are a quarter-mile. 440 yards. At one time everybody knew what running the 440 was all about. lol