ATTENTION: Woodleaf Raceway Announcement

As most of you know , the Freeman Family are current owners of Woodleaf Raceway and have owned it for a few years now. They have put in countless hours making improvements to the facility. What was once a shackly looking place is now a stylish facility that anyone would be proud to bring your family. For all that work, we as racers and visitors to Woodleaf Raceway appreciate all you have done.

Now for the announcement we are on here to tell. Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, the Freeman family has been having problems with having time to do and work Woodleaf Raceway in the way it should be and has agreed to lease the track to Tommy and myself. The Freeman family have more then Woodleaf Raceway to take care of and just can’t do it all. Upon a discussion the opportunity came to us and we agreed to give it a try. You all know us, we will try our hardest to make this turn around and let you enjoy Woodleaf as you use to do.

Decisions for 2019 have not been made yet and we are also working on 2020. This will be Friday night racing. As to the exact dates, we are still working. Hope to see everyone come out and support us in our Friday Night Roar events.