Axle lead on Phase x?


Ran my new phase for about a lap yesterday before chucking the chain and ruining $150 worth of parts... Notice before going out the chain was angled funny, basically it criss crossed from driver to rear gear (the bottom did not track with the top side of chain) thought maybe it was due to axle lead? both cassettes are set on out, so I'm getting stumped.... I running a Umax mount, but it is like the rear gear and motor are not on the same plain, never had this issue before, so hope I can figure it out!

This might be a dumb question but is the motor and gear lined up....both the axle gear and motor will slide left to right
Not trying to be a wise guy, but if you seen it was not in alignment why would you run it that way? You may need to move the engine mount top plate to line things up,or move the sprocket hub on the axle. Is the engine mount square on the frame rails? Are your gears true,and not damaged.
I'm aware the mount and sprocket move, I had aligned the the two from the top, however as the chain came around the driver and back the the bottom of the gear it took a different path, the only thing I think it can be is the motor mount is not straight, I noticed it last minute before hot lapping, was hoping it would stay together, it did not... Oh well, it's only money right?
Take the bolts out for the cassettes and make sure that they are set in the same set of holes. Reason is because of the changes with wheelbase lengths Ultramax gave the option to their customers to run the correct wheelbase in that sanction of a race.

Personally I would set them in the front set of holes on both sides and run lr pills IN and rr pills OUT. That will also depend on track dimensions....

Hope this helps
Check your gear...There have been people complaining around this area about the chain hopping on the rear sprocket.I'll not mention the brand name ,,,but the ones they bought were'' on sale''.
Did you recently put a different chain on? As crazy as it sounds I bought a new chain toward the end of the year and had issues with it hopping on and off both the gear hub and the driver. Put the old chain back on and problem solved. Same kart.
It was a used chain that came on the kart from Dill, probably should have just tossed it, but I got the kart on Thursday night, raced it sat (was trying to shake it down before "winter"), it was not nice by any means, I have yet to tear the kart down to diagnose, hope to do so this week. I'm still guessing its in the axle lead or motor mount, but we'll see....

Thanks everyone for the help, I'll be sure to provide an update once I determine the culprit!

the brackets that are welded to the frame the cassettes bolt to actually have TWO holes, which is to allow for wheelbase adjustments, its easy to misalign the axle if you have the cassettes bolt into the wrong holes on each side, trust me, i fought with my chassis for the better part of the season until jr curtis from umax tech support helped me figure what was causing my problems, since i got the cassettes bolted to the correct holes, the kart has been very very fast. hope this helps!