Axle Removal


Rookie here looking for tips on removing the axle from my Umax excentrik to replace the bearings. I am sure its not that complicating but I don't want to just start loosing bolts and hammering on stuff and end up messing something up. Any tips, tricks, or just basic tutorial is appreciated. Don't know if it makes a difference but I'm sure a lot of you veterans know the excentrik has the unique feature of the chassis rail going over the axle, if that changes anything. Thanks!


Biggest thing that can cause problems is brake hub removal , after loosening the pinch bolt you'll also need to loosen the 3 bolts that hold the disc to the hub , this will probably require you to cut the safety wire but I've found you MUST loosen them or the hub will not slide off....

Sorry I just reread your post and since you're only replacing bearings you won't need to remove brake hub....but now you know just in case you ever do need to remove it :)


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Take a picture the measure and write down the measurements.
Seems you need to take it loose and slide it too one side then bring it out at an angle. Hopefully a u-max expert replies.


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All you have to do is take all the cassette bolts out, and the whole axle assembly will drop out the bottom